Tuesday 10 November 2015

Men Moisturizers Depending With Skin Type

Facial skin on men is thicker than that of women and thus it is less sensitive to ingredients found on facial cleansers and moisturizers skin care for men is a simple routine compared to that of women since men do not wear makeup. Shaving for men is however a tricky process especially for men who have heavy beards and kinky hair, irritation on the skin and razor bumps is usually a big problem, but with great skin care those problems can become a story of the past and you will be able to maintain a clean and smooth face every day. 

As a man here are steps you can follow to take care of your skin

Choose liquid cleanser and avoid bar soap
Most of the men prefer bar soap to liquid cleansers, this may be fine for those men who have a normal or an oily skin, this is because bar soap usually leave the skin dry more than when a liquid cleanser is used. If your skin feels tight or itchy after cleansing your face then it’s important for you to change to liquid cleanser. if you have to use bar soap then it’s wise to look for a moisturizer soap, men with very oily skin may suffer from acnes which are caused by excessive oil production which block the pores.

Always purchase a liquid cleanser which contain salicylic acid, benzyl peroxide and glycolic acid, these three ingredients remove the upper layers of the dead skin on your face and gives deeper pores cleaning.

Best moisturizers for men
Soaps which are laced with moisturizers work out well for man but the best way for a man to moisten his skin is applying a moisturizer after cleaning it. For men with a dry skin always choose a cream which has a thick formulation, for the normal skin get a lotion that is lighter and not so oily, for the oily skin choose skin toner or some gel. For those who have problems with acnes, consider using moisturizers with salicylic and glycolic acids assist in removing the dead skin.

Most of the moisturizers in market today promise to keep your skin young but most of them do not deliver, most of the products today contain anti-oxidants which help prevent against sunlight. Skin care products with retinol usually sooth out wrinkles, so get a product with high amount of retinol if you are looking for an anti-aging skin product. Without forgetting your hair which is thin and it needs protection against sun damage, this includes receding hairlines and bald spots, make use of a sunscreen, if you don’t like lotions on your head then choose sprays with sunscreen consider wearing a hut when you are outdoor.

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